Aldercar High School runs on a 2 week timetable – Week 1 and Week B.  Your child will have a slightly different timetable depending on which week it is.  This sounds confusing but students adapt quickly and Year 7 will be given extra help to work this out.


Every day has the same timings as set out below.  However, Year 7 and Year 10 have different break and lunchtimes to the rest of the school to give more space for pupils to play and also ease food queues for everyone


Year 7 and Year 10   Year 8,9 and 11
Time Schedule   Time Schedule
8.25 Tutor Time   8.25 Tutor Time
8.55 Lesson 1   8.55 Lesson 1
9.55 Break   9.55 Lesson 2
10.15 Lesson 2   10.55 Break
11.15 Lesson 3   11.15 Lesson 3
12.15 Lunch   12.15 Lesson 4
12.55 Lesson 4   1.15 Lunch
1.55 Lesson 5   1.55 Lesson 5
2.55 End of School Day   2.55 End of School Day



School is open to students from 8am but if students arrive this early they must wait in the dining room only.

After school, there are a number of Extra Curricular Activities available as optional experiences students may attend.  Activities range from access to PE and study space facilities to a wide range of curriculum and personal interest clubs and advertised through the Daily ECHO, our electronic noticeboard in tutor time.

Detentions are also after school for 30 minutes in subject departments for homework or with our pastoral team for behaviour.

School trips may require an earlier drop off or pick up time but these are communicated to parents as and when required.