We aim to provide a provide as much information to parents as we can. Here you will find links to information that will help your child through Aldercar High School. If there is any information which you need but cannot find on these pages please contact us.

Contacting Staff

Queries/concerns relating to specific subjects/lessons should be directed to the appropriate subject leader in the first instance. Your child’s tutor is your key contact in the school for more general queries or concerns.

Teaching staff will not generally be immediately available (as they will be teaching).  A call to the main receptionist  on 01773 712477 in the first instance, is advisable. They will be able to let you know who is the appropriate member of staff to contact and will arrange an appointment or pass on a request for information. You should also contact school via this telephone number on ext 056 if your child is ill or either speak to a receptionist,  or leave a message.